• Welcome to Anandini
  • Welcome to Anandini
  • Welcome to Anandini

"Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." - Swami Sivananda


Yoga Story

My Story, a little bit about me and how Anandini began...

I started my yoga journey in early 2016. As a fairly active person participating in Tabitha and insanity classes, running and cycling I found myself searching for some sort of muscle manipulation/relaxation. I've never been a fan of massages so when a friend recommended hot yoga I found the nearest class and signed up to a 5 week course.

Instantly grabbed by yoga after only the first class I felt amazing, muscles stretched, totally relaxed. I felt like I'd had a full body detox and literally floated home.

I was so excited to continue with the course and enjoyed it so much I thought, great my summer holiday this year is definitely going to be a yoga get away. Upon searching for the perfect yoga holiday it suddenly dawned on me, why go in search of one week in heaven when I could possibly change my life forever, connecting mind, body and breath, teaching and exposing others to the awesome feeling of bliss through yoga practice.

Now, I'm quite an impulsive person and once I get an idea in my head I go with it! So by the end of the week I had found a fantastic yoga teacher training course in India and booked a space for a month intense course in the October.

Slightly naive and possibly ignoring the word "intense" I thought I was going on a beautiful beach holiday to Goa, maybe attend a few yoga classes a day and receive a lovely certificate at the end of it. I think it was only the second day there in the gorgeous Satsanga retreat that I realised what I had really let myself in for, the word "Intense" all of a sudden became very real.


Our day began at 5am and finished at 10pm! There was only six of us on our course so we were incredibly lucky. We had the most amazing teachers that wanted us to gain as much as we could from our course.

Thirty years of experience was condensed into one month teaching us about Kirtan, Satsang, meditation, anatomy, how the human body works, the philosophy of yoga, how to teach Yoga classes and ultimately inspire others.

We were taught,not only in English but also in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Our teachers shared so much knowledge and I am eternally grateful for having the chance to not only meet such influential people but to learn from them too.

Whilst it was quite overwhelming the sheer thought of what we had to learn and retain in only a month, tucked away from civilisation with little or no contact with the outside world, we lived in the most positive and caring atmosphere, the whole experience was unforgettable and absolutely incredible!

At the end of the course we had a graduating fire ceremony, where each yogi was presented with a Spiritual name......and so Anandini was born!

The meaning of Anandini is Blissful, which just so happens to be the perfect description of how I felt after my very first yoga experience. So it has become my dream in life to spread the yoga passion and introduce all ages and abilities to the physical and healing practice of yoga. Whereby providing students with their own development of strength and flexibility in mind, body and spirit.


- The divine in me honours the divine in you.