Here are a few words from some of our happy Anandini Yogini's.

Thank you for your feedback!

Sarah Bell

I started yoga classes with Verity at the beginning of June and am completely hooked! So much so, that I’ve helped to organise a class for my colleagues through work. When you work in a busy, stressful environment, it’s really important to unwind and I find that after every class I leave feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. I can’t recommend Verity highly enough!

Paul Wilmot

I was a complete beginner when I joined Verity’s class. I like the way Verity encourages me to push myself but recognises my beginner status. I really enjoy the classes and I know that attending has already improved my core strength.

Sue Langdale

Having never done anything like yoga in my life, or any kind of exercise within a class since school, I was forced to join Anandini Yoga with a group of friends as the class started in our village. Wow! I cannot believe what I can now do! Verity is an excellent tutor and I wish her every success for the future.

Helen Alderson

My first venture into the world of yoga is a lovely experience thanks to Verity. She is so good at explaining the poses, is friendly and puts you at ease.

Sharon King

Lovely warm friendly atmosphere created by Verity as she works hard to share her love of Yoga with people of all abilities. The best local Yoga teacher around…Verity looks after everyone in the class and makes us all happy confident Yogis.

Nawton Community Primary School - Claire Owuor

Verity and Helen offer a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience a different skill and relaxations technique. Over the weeks the children have found the sessions enjoyable yet challenging at times, allowing them to strengthen their core muscles. It’s so much fun they don’t realise that they are exercising! Verity and Helen offer support and guidance to us all in a calming, reassuring manner that even the adults give it a go! I would highly recommend them to any school that want to offer an alternative form of exercise to their children as well as promote their mindfulness.

Sue Wright

I have been going to Verity’s Yoga classes for about a year now, I really enjoy them and Verity has really helped me. I find I am a lot more flexible and feel fitter than I did. I have bad knees and hip but Verity finds me another way to do certain positions if I can’t quite manage them. Would certainly recommend it if you have never tried it.

Sara Halliday

I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical at first, but yoga has really helped me! I have been going since before Christmas as I was recommended since I’m doing London Marathon this year. Not only has it helped me with my running progress, it’s given me strength in my hips, knees, back and shoulder following many injuries over the years. I feel like I’ve got my body back and know what to do if I get niggles through the day/week. For anyone wondering or sitting on the fence, just get to a class! And the day you master the saddle pose will bring great joy haha! If you know, you know!


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